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A financial overview of the Newaygo County Road Commission and expenditure information.

This Transparency section is required by the State of Michigan, Public Act 51 of 1951, amended. Transparency keeps citizens continuously informed about the activities of the Newaygo County Road Commission. On this page you'll find financial reports, budget information, and other required links and documents. The NCRC is committed to maintaining the public's trust and making the best and most efficient use of all funds received.

Transportation Employee Information

Job Classifications, Number of Employees and Wage Rates

Commissioners (3) – $178.32/biweekly to $200.61/biweekly, $60 per diem
Management/Administrative (4) – $20/hr to $44.47/hr
Engineering Technician (1) - $35.02/hr
Foreman/Superintendent (5) – $30/hr to $ 35/hr
General Labor (14) – $23.86/hr to $24.42/hr
Heavy Equipment (14) – $24.86/hr to $25.42/hr
Signman (1) & Mechanics (5) – $25.20/hr to $25.76/hr

Current Fiscal Year Budget   (PDF file 114 KB)

Annual Certification (PDF file 110 KB)

Act 51 Report 2021 (PDF file 127 KB)

2022 Independent Audit Report for the year 2021 (PDF file 612 KB)

Annual Actuarial Report 2021 (PDF file 10 MB)

OPE Benefits Accounting Valuations & Benefits 2021 (PDF file 262 KB)

Net OPEB Obligation as of FY 2021 ~ $1,625,560

Net Pension Obligation as of FY 2021 ~ $2,395,235

Corrective Action Plan 2017 (1.2m)



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